Monday, August 15, 2016

Less Money More Stuff

L20 has a big facility, but it's not infinite, and right now, they are in full production mode, churning out small, medium, and large ships for every government. There isn't a lot of ground fighting, though, so they were able to make the full order of power armor suits: 10 command suits, 10 weapon's expert suits, and 180 Soldier Suits. In fact, they threw in a walker, too. No armored assault is complete without a giant mech, right?
200 Suits of Power Armor: $116,463,000
All suits have Pace 8, Armor 10, Self Sealing, and Targeting System.
Command: $595,700; Command Pack, Portable Missile Launcher
Weapon's Expert: $1,120,000; Autocannon (50/100/200, 3d8 dmg, RoF 3, 100 shots, AP 25, HW)
Soldier: $551,700; Grenade Launcher, Gatling Laser

Walker: Size Light (20' tall), Strength d12+6, Toughness 28(9), Pace 20, Cost $5,225,000
Shields (60), Targeting System, Electromagnetic Shielding (+6 toughness vs EMP), Deflector Screens (-2 to hit with ballistics), Close Combat Weapon (Str+2d10, AP 6), Missile Launcher (Light Missile x12), Heavy Laser, Super Heavy Cannon

Additionally, L20 refitted a gargantuan warship, completed two planet-pounders and two carriers, and churned out a full bay of heavy bombers and beamers (high-power fighters) for each carrier. The carrier doesn't have a lot in terms of weapons, but the bombers each have a huge number of torpedos, and the fighters are designed for taking on capital ships. The planet-pounder ships are designed to hit hard and leave nothing in their wake.

Carrier (Giant, size 20); Acceleration 25, Climb -1, TS 250, Toughness 38 (11), Crew 1000, Cost $221,700,000; Super Structure x4 (hangars - 96 total), AMCM (+2 to evade missiles), AI, Shields (200), Sloped Armor (-2 to hit), Deflector Screens (-2 to hit with ballistics); Mass Driver/Rail Gun Level 6

Heavy Bomber: Size 8, Acceleration 45, Climb 2, Top Speed 600, Toughness 27(8), Crew 5, Cost $24,520,000; AMCM (+2 to evade), AI, Deflector Screens (-2 to hit), Electromagnetic Shielding (+6 toughness vs EMP), Shields (80); Torpedo Tubes x2 (Heavy Torpedo x16, Light Torpedo x32); Mega Laser (Fixed)

Beamer: Size 6, Acceleration 50, Climb 3, Top Speed 700, Toughness 20(5), Crew 1, Cost $23,300,000
AMCM (+2 to evade missiles), AI, Shields (60), Targeting System; Super Heavy Cannon;
Fixed Linked Mega Lasers (+2 to attack, +2 damage)

Pounder: Size 20, Acceleration 30, Climb -1, Top Speed: 300, Toughness 54(15), Crew 1000, Cost $227,700,000
AMCM (+2 to evade missiles), AI, Deflector Screens (-2 to hit), Electromagnetic Shielding (+6 toughness vs EMP), Shields (200), Targeting System; Torpedo Tubes x2 (Heavy Torpedo x16); Rail Gun Level 10; 2x Mega Lasers

Megabattleship: Size Gargantuan (24), Acceleration 25, Climb -2, Top Speed 200, Toughness 55(13), Crew 3000, Cost $1,034,180,000; AMCM (+2 to evade missiles), AI, Deflector Screens (-2 to hit with ballistics), Electromagnetic Shielding (+6 toughness vs EMP), Galactic Sensor Suite, Shields (240), Sloped Armor (-2 to hit with projectiles), Targeting System, Tractor Beam, Torpedo Tubes x5 (Heavy Torpedo x24), Super Heavy Cannons x2, Mega Lasers x2

Factory Ship: Size 16, Acceleration 20, Climb 0, Top Speed 250, Toughness 47(18), Crew 300, Cost $65,640,000
AI, Deflector Screens, Electromagnetic Shielding, Mercantile (adds 16+6d4 thousand profit each month), Galactic Sensor Suite, Shields (160), Factory (generates 2d6 x $100,000 materials per week), Hangar (24 size points of ships), Tractor Beam, Rail Gun Level 8 x2

Last but not least is a piece of brand new technology: swarm ships. These tiny ships have no human pilot; instead, they are controlled by advanced technology from a small, well-armored carrier. The ships are incredibly fast and pack a decent punch - not enough to to up against capital ships, but fighters stand no chance.

Swarm Carrier: Size 8, Acceleration 45, Climb 2, Top Speed 600, Toughness 36(20), Crew 5, Cost $10,970,000 AI, Armor x7, AMCM, Electromagnetic Shielding, Shields, Sensor Suite (Planetary), Super Structure (hangar w/ 24 points of storage)

Swarmer: Size 3, Acceleration 80, Climb 3, Top Speed 1000, Toughness 20(5), Crew 0, Cost $8,450,000; AI (Advanced), Shields (30), Stealth System (-4 to detect; enable at will, disabled by firing/scanning); Heavy Auto Cannons x2; Medium Lasers x2

That puts the total at 200 power suits, 1 mech, 1 gargantuan ship, 2 giant ships, 2 carriers, 16 fighters, 12 bombers, 1 swarm carrier, and 8 swarm ships, for a grand total of $2,865,918,000. Additionally, the required crew won't work for free; a year's wages are going to cost about $355 million, give or take. Good crew aren't cheap, but that kind of money should hire some decent folks.

All told, that means the existing funds have been reduced to $779,082,000; about enough to fund two years of crew. Granted, with the factory ship, funds will start coming in. But what will the crew do with their new fleet?

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