Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Geography: Populations

Population as of 2750

For those of you who enjoy knowing population statistics, this is a full list of every major system. There are countless smaller systems out there, most populated by fewer than a million beings; listing those would take more space than is available. Also, these are populations for systems; I realize that a planet with a trillion people on it is unsustainable. Earth, for instance, has 10.9 trillion people; however, many of those are on Mars, the Moon, and probably some of Jupiter's moons. It's still a lot of people. Earth is quite crowded.

System Name
Alchiba System321755753.1 B72%11%17%
Earth3--10.9 T84%9%7%
Leporis A 4122375131.4 B89%7%4%
Alpha Corvi121985524.7 B74%16%10%
Pi Solaria System4227547513.4 B91%7%2%
Bardron123124386.4 B67%28%5%
Sci-02.B025332170.9 M93%5%2%
Nahundi System32238512168 B88%10%2%
Eta Helion System323633872.3 B76%1%23%
Vandana122874635.3 B65%12%23%
Quern1260914116.8 M47%18%35%
Dytallia System4Disc. 2371-4.3 T18%2%80%
Sigma Rekonda1274911.2 M86%1%13%
L20 Industries1274193.6 M75%15%10%
Discepe Wolf124572934.7 B55%23%22%
Omega Parada System4Disc. 2701-1.4 T13%84%3%
Sci-45.L60262013013.5 M89%10%1%
Danex Emimus12459291337 M49%25%26%
Arabis123933571.3 B93%2%5%
Seginus Cluster7247727311.8 B60%31%9%
Epsilon Lyrae32657936.4 M63%13%24%
Eridani1261313731 M33%38%29%
Nede126371139.6 M82%17%1%
Cannes Jot1262612411.9 M45%26%29%
Pentacus System6248626430.3 T57%23%20%
Total53--47.13 T58%20%22%

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