Tuesday, March 15, 2016

History: Timeline

While this history is by no means complete (a GM can't give away all his secrets!), it does cover most general information that would be covered in school or in military training. From the discovery of the jumpdrive in 2137, humanity has pushed for expansion. Even with terrible danger, there will always be humans willing to seek new worlds. Indeed, it wasn't until 2287 that "Slinging" was discovered, which made space travel much safer along known routes, and it took until 2552 for J1 drives to make space travel as safe as air travel today. Even so, 15 systems were settled in that time.

J Jumpdrive related
W War
M Major settlement effort (1 million people or more)
m Minor settlement effort (1 million people or less)
D Disaster

A brief history of the known systems

2075New propulsion drives revolutionize space travel
2100The moon is settled as a scientific observatory, becomes first off-world habitat
Scientific improvements cause population boom; humanity begins its march to space
J2137jumpspace discovered with first J-alpha drive test
J2152J0 drive invented; massive settlement/exploration effort
M2175settled Alchiba system via Earth
M2198settled Alpha Corvi via Earth
D2212Massive overpopulation in India prompts the building of transport ships
M2237settled Leporis A 4 via Earth
M2238settled Nahundi System via Earth (major Indian settlement)
m2275settled Pi Solaria System via Earth
m2287settled Vandana via Earth
JDiscovered "Slinging", or bouncing off dark zones; J 1/2 drives invented for that purpose
m2312settled Bardron via Earth
M2363settled Eta Helion system via Earth (Russian)
2371Discovered Dytallia System (Duul'Tlak homeworlds)
W2378Duul'Tlak declare war on Earth
m2382settled Quern via Earth
M2393settled Arabis via Earth (major Arab expansion; discovered through random jumps)
m2424settled Melga (now L20 Industries)
m2457settled Discepe Wolf via Earth
M2459settled Danex Emimus via Earth
W2463Destruction of Melga, razed by Duul'Tlak as first act of interplanetary war; survivors flee to Quern and beyond
M2477Settled Seginus Cluster via Earth (major Chinese resettlement)
D2484Earth's moon evacuated due to weapon testing malfunction
Billions travel in 5 ships through the Dark Corridor (between Black Zone and Tallus Nebula):
DGreen Thumb, Indicator, Middle Son, Ring, and Littlefinger. Littlefinger was lost during a jump.
D2486Middle Son was badly damaged, and the passengers transferred to the other ships.
MThe surviving ships discovered and settled Pentacus System
W2533Blockade of Quern
WMassive exedus to Discepe Wolf and Danex Emimus to escape Duul'Tlak
JFounded Sci-02.B (initially to study new J1 drive); orbits a black hole
J2552J1 drive invented
m2613Settled Eridani via Pentacus System
m2626Settled Cannes Jot via Pentacus System
m2637Settled Nede via Pentacus System
2652Sci-37.X founded
m2657Settled Epsilon Lyrae via Pentacus System; connected trade to Arabis
W2693Broke Quern blockade with help from Kchk'Trrs
First full route from Pentacus to Alchiba opened
2698Discovered Omega Parada System via Discepe Wolf (Kchk'Trrs)
W2701Completed alliance talks with the Kchk'Trrs
D2702Lost contact with Sci-37.X
m2709Resettled Quern
2720Founded Sci-45.L6
J2737J2 drive invented
J2739"JPods" invented
W2741End of Duul'Tlak war
mL20 Industries expands to Melga, renames "L20 Industries"; first private solar system
m2749Settled Sigma Rekonda via Earth
2750Major initiative to explore uncharted territory launched (Present)

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